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* Season begins Monday March 2nd Wednesday, March 8th for Mon/Wed teams; and on Tuesday March 3rd Thursday, March 9th for Tues/Thur teams.
* No practice week of April 3-6h (Spring break)
* Practices are 1 hour each night until March 29th and 30th, when we switch to 1.5-hour games 7-8:30pm on Wed and Thur nights. (Mon and Tues nights will remain 1-hour practices for the entire season.)
* On game nights, you’re allocated the full two hours to play (7-9pm). Teams show up at 7 for warmup and begin playing at 7:30 for an hour or until time is up at 9pm (most teams finish by 8:30). Make sure you schedule the full two hours in your calendars for these nights.
* Location: Washington-Liberty High School ( 1301 N Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22201 )

4th - 6th GRADE TEAMS FOR 2023

Head Coach: Melissa Logsdon
Assistant Coach: Mary Ruth Findlay

Nicole Sandoval
Malin Klousia
Jane Lanouette
Mya Grupenhoff
Beatrice  Findlay
Evelyn Logsdon
Caroline Milder
Payton  Jackson 
Noelle Mitzen
Novie Hackmann
Caroline French
Ella Pickens
Emma Pritchard 

Coaches: Deidra Broyles and Nora Cunningham

Ava Rothrock
Eleanor Sheldon
Maven Richardson
Nora Schweer
Lilly Gross
Lucy Moellering
Hadley Novak
Caroline  Reid
Delphine  Doolan
Abigail Consilvio
Kairi Moore
Gabi Abraha

Coaches: Emilie Kluge & Lilly Roberts

Merryn Donovan
Lucia Donovan
Asa Cozzens
Natalie Cravens
Elliott O'Reilly
Alina Lamorena
Kari  Luthman 
Claire Markmann
Blair Burke
Lauren  Bowers
Sofienne  Hlavaty
Siobhan Neely Martin

Coaches: Julia Painter & Maralmaa Bayarsaikhan

Abigail Ellis
Eve Ormerod 
Sadie Goffee
Taylor Moore
Lucia Kraaimoore
Petra Kruszynski
Maddie Egge
Alexa Sarte
Shoshanna Painter
Georgia Hawkins
Greta Lee
Beatrice Fedorchak

Head coach: Christine Maginnis 
Assistant coach: Lindsay Werner

Mirabelle  Hlavaty
Emily Maginnis
Ryan Werner
Sara-Katherine Nelson
Alma Cabezas
Meira Murphy
Adonia  Mackey
Lucianna Dinarte
Esu Naranbaatar 
Nayeli Soto
Elsie Abuhl
Yuosraa  Hashemi

Coaches: Matt McGinley and  Rachelle Smiley

Madeleind McMahon
Elyse  Espada

Juliana McDaniel
Larissa Bouldin
Karlen McGinley
Gizem Onerci
Ellie Kerbs-Glyer
Leah Ortiz
Sasha DiPaula
Eleanor Goldman
Elsa Jackson
Charlotte Allen

Head Coache: Kevin Minsky
Assistant Coach: Natasha Sacouman and Julia Wood

Abigail Grantham
Stella Wellner
Julia Paukovits
Jane Perry
Savannah Potter
Campbell Black
Madelyn Heminger
Tala Sacouman-Minsky 
Alana  Campbell 
Madison  Fu
Aspasia  Nicholakos 
Maggie McManus

Head Coach: Grace Hanna
Assistant Coach:  Sarah Mehta

Riley Walker
Analena Prouty
Jasmine Punyani
Anna Buchakjian
Sydney Guyan
Charlie Brittain
Sloane Richardson
Molly Naumoff
Cora Litzelman
Tara Mody
Zara Oberoi
Emma Ignat


* only top 10 are listed

Erkhemzaya Khatanbaatar
Sofia Aranha
Roksana Razavi
Lucy Ruck
Avery Lehman
Emily Anderson
Elizabeth Walthall
Amelia Holland
Louisa Wedekind
Vivian Ehst
Hyoeun Chae

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